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" I just had the most amazing massage/healing session with Marina!!! She is so much more than just a bodyworker! Honestly, from her divine guidance in the beginning of the session to her intuitive knowledge and know-how of what my body needed to the singing bowls, hot stones, aromatherapy and sound therapy healing she combined into the bodywork session, I feel ecstatic! Not only is the pain gone in my body, but I feel like there's more open space inside of me; more softness inside and my heart chakra is wide open. She truly channeled the Divine feminine and that energy moved through me. I came home crying tears of sweet love for myself. Her nurturing energy cradled my body and my heart. I feel restored and inspired. I am feeling euphoric and blissful from all of the loving energy that she poured into me. She truly is here to serve! I went into the massage thinking my body just needed some tension release, and I left recognizing that spirit had placed me in the hands of a powerful goddess. I'm honored and my heart is overflowing with gratitude. I hope each and everyone of you has the opportunity to work with her. We are all worthy!" 

—  Shakti Elaine