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Self-Healing Guide   Transformational Coach   Visionary Artist

I will help you move past your limiting beliefs so you can AWAKEN your FULL Potential,

YOU hold the KEY!


The only thing keeping you from creating your dream life, is you!


Change your mindset... Change your life! 

I'm not saying it's your fault... You see, you are actually running on old programs that were installed when you were a child and they are running on auto pilot.

It's time to DELETE those old programs, take your POWER BACK and become the WRITER of your own story!

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your body's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.

 A Session with Marina


Acknowledging that we are more than just our physical bodies, that we are beings made up of many layers, I take a holistic approach; integrating mind, body and spirit, allowing healing to take place on every level.


Each session is structured according to your personal needs, incorporating various massage, yoga & sound healing techniques. I will listen with an open heart and tune~in to your specific needs in the moment and allow the session to unfold naturally & intuitively. 


                             What to expect for your first session

 The first thing we do is sit down and get to know each other a bit. We will discuss the reason for your visit, a brief medical history, as well as what you would like to achieve during your session and answer any questions you may have. We can keep the session light or go as deep as you are willing to go. 

 While on the table we will be working with your physical, emotional & energy body... 

I will guide you on a journey into a deep state of peace and relaxation (THETA) with my voice, concious breath, healing frequencies and various sound healing instruments... I will guide you back to your  STILL~POINT... In this state, your body will have access to the resources to heal itself.


Before we part we will go over the session and discuss anything that may have come up for you while on the table. I intend to leave you with some new tools for you to incorporate into your daily life to continue your journey of wellbeing. 


My intention is to to open my heart and be a clear channel... to create a safe and comforting space to allow you to go through your journey.


 I will share with you the tools that have allowed me to find freedom, peace, harmony & balance in my life.

 I look forward to sharing a brief moment out of time with you.

Infinite Light and Blessings


Water Ripple
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Swedish massage            Deep Tissue

Energy Work                     Sports Massage

Prenatal Massage            Injury Massage

Acupressure                     Lymphatic Drainage

Post Surgery                     Reflexology

Assisted Stretching          Vedic-Thai-Yoga Bodywork

Trigger Point Therapy     Event/Chair Massage

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is incorporated into every massage session

Guided Sound Healing Journeys

Creating your SOUND environment

Private & Group Sessions 

Event services

Transformational Life Coaching

AWAKE-IN your Full Potential

Optimize your Health & Unlock your true Power

Overcome limiting Beliefs & become the master of your destiny

Conscious Partnership~ for couples or individuals

Rewrite your story & Start Living Your Dream Life NOW!

E-Mail me to Schedule a call for more information on Transformational Coaching



Making life your daily practice

Off The mat and into your life

Simple tools for daily life

Visionary/Healing Art

Available For Sale;

Original Paintings



Digital Art 

Custom Artwork 


Healing Through Art

3D Blacklight Technique

Art as a Spiritual Practice

Creating your Vision~Board 

*Available for events


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" I just had the most amazing massage/healing session with Marina!!! She is so much more than just a bodyworker! Honestly, from her divine guidance in the beginning of the session to her intuitive knowledge and know-how of what my body needed to the singing bowls, hot stones, aromatherapy and sound therapy healing she combined into the bodywork session, I feel ecstatic! Not only is the pain gone in my body, but I feel like there's more open space inside of me; more softness inside and my heart chakra is wide open. She truly channeled the Divine feminine and that energy moved through me. I came home crying tears of sweet love for myself. Her nurturing energy cradled my body and my heart. I feel restored and inspired. I am feeling euphoric and blissful from all of the loving energy that she poured into me. She truly is here to serve! I went into the massage thinking my body just needed some tension release, and I left recognizing that spirit had placed me in the hands of a powerful goddess. I'm honored and my heart is overflowing with gratitude. I hope each and everyone of you has the opportunity to work with her. We are all worthy!" 

—  Shakti Elaine

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